The objective of this program is to set up teacher networks for peer to peer learning through knowledge sharing and periodic interaction programs among teachers. The project will support the implementation of this activity which may be carried out at the ECD center level.

All teachers and teacher assistants who have followed the short term training are eligible for this. In order to sustain the benefit of the short term training and reinforce the skills emphasized during the training, the Divisional ECD Officers will organize periodic interactions among teachers- the frequency of such interactions maybe mutually agreed among teachers as either monthly or once in two months. The venue should be easily accessible to all the teachers in the area. Subsequently the teachers will take the lead in rotation to organize these interactions/ forums and focus on themes and topics mutually agreed by the participants.

Under these programs there are number of deliverables. They are;

* Number of networks set up in each division

*Number of interactions held every year by each network

* Themes and topics discussed and actions taken by teachers on them at their centers as shared in the reports by the divisional offices