The Management Information System(MIS) will be an integral part of the M&E system and will be developed during project implementation. It will cover in its scope all project implementing agencies at the national, provincial, district and division secretariat levels. It will be used to maintain all project related inputs, outputs and outcomes information generated from all project components, and will be updated regularly in a manner specified in an MIS user manual.


The Project will support the establishment of an ECD sector MIS that will include data from both Project supported and non-supported state and non-state ECD centers in the country. The frequency with which different types of data will be collected will be specified in an MIS manual21. Capacity building of staff in the CS, PCs, DSOs and DivSOs for M&E activities will also be undertaken through this component. The ECCD officers will be responsible for uploading and updating ECD center level data in the MIS.


The project MIS will be an integral part of the M&E system, and will allow decentralized entry of data on ECD centers, teachers and children, and regular updating of monitoring information.

Once the ECD sector MIS comes in to operation it will be linked to the Website.