A 2 day Progress Review and Planning Workshop was held for ECD District Coordinators on 3rd and 4th October 2019 in Colombo, hosted by Early Childhood Development PMU with the participation of the Children Secretariat. 

The workshop was an opportunity for the ECD District Coordinators to interact with the relevant Project Officers to talk over all Project activities that were carried out to date, and a plan of action for next year concerning each District that were represented at the workshop. Both parties took the chance to discuss challenges faced at ground level on implementing Project activities and shared suggestions on how to improve the quality of  administration systems at District levels for better delivery.



ECD PMU also took the time to present to the DCs the new Project initiatives identified for the next phase of the Project, such as Nutrition enhancement programs in model preschool concept, Home garden program in preschool premises, Child Day Care caregivers training and Child Day Care services for children with Special Needs.