The Plantation sector, with its distinct, historically marginalized population, needs special support to enhance the quality of ECD services. Unlike in the rest of the country where Ministry of Women & Child Affairs and Dry Zone Development plays the lead role in overseeing ECD related activities, the social development programs— including ECD—in the Plantation sector are implemented by the Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT). Furthermore, as many of the mothers of young children in the Plantation community are engaged as Plantation workers, the centers in Plantations serve as both childcare facilities and Child Development Centers (CDC).

In August of 2019, the ECD project awarded 45 contracts to build new CDCs for seven regions in the plantation area, at a total cost of Rs 336,863,971.68.

Due to the high density of the resident population the highest number of CDCs are constructed in Nuwara Eliya Region, with 12 CDCs, and 10 CDCs in Badulla Region. 

A healthy Child Development Center is a place which provides a safe and encouraging environment for a child. It is important to raise the overall quality of the center to be upgraded as well as equip centers with the material which contribute towards the care and development of children.

Throughout the project period, 140 CDCs will be built along with a new playground, furniture and play equipment.