At the inception of the project, the only available accredited data on ECD Centers of Sri Lanka was from a 2010 Survey, and thus in 2016, the project had to kick off by conducting a national census of island-wide ECD Centers and Pre-schools. Using the main data gathered through the census on ECD Centers, a database is established. The Specific objectives of the census were,

·         The geographical distribution of Early Child Development Centers

·         Enrolment patterns at national and provincial levels

·         Profiles of Early Childhood Development Centers (administration, ownership and registration details,

·         Human resources,

·         Learning environment, and current practices related to health, nutrition and sanitation in the Centers.

The management unit of the Early Childhood Development project under the Ministry of Women and Child Affaires, assisted by the World bank, organized and conducted the census. 

The commitment and support of the team of over 600 government officials (ECD officers/Child Rights Development Officers, Census Officers) at divisional, district and provincial level lead by the officials of Department of Census and Statistics were core in making this process a success. 

On this day of launching the National Census report making all that effort behind this process count, the key aspiration of the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs along with the ECD Project Team is to see all stakeholders involved in the Early Childhood Development sector making productive use of these data available in the database to enhance and elevate ECD discipline through their work.