The project objective is to enhance equitable access to and improve the quality of early childhood development services. Under the ECD project special grants will be disbursed to the existing centers along with managerial advice and teaching learning material. Special workshops and training programs will be conducted targeting training of ECD teachers and teacher assistants, training of the trainers, center based health and nutrition support, parental awareness and interaction programs. A fully fledged census was conducted in order to ascertain the number of Early Childhood Development Centers around the country.

Several mechanisms will be implemented in ascertaining the progress and success of the project. They include

  • Assessment of the number of new enrollments at ECD Centers
  • Monitoring the number of ECD centers complying to National Quality Standards – through improved infrastructure, teaching and nutrition programs.
  • Development and progress of ECD centers in the plantation sector in particular
  • Number of annual child development assessments generated through these centers.

Many studies conducted have proven that children, who attend these development centers at a preliminary age, perform better than their peers once they are admitted into the main stream education network. Everything carried out through the ECD project has a holistic approach. We care about indirect community benefits. The ECD project looks beyond the growth of the children. The scope of this project will be achieved through the diversification and strengthening of the delivery channels used in the spreading of ECD services and through stringent project management , monitoring and evaluation processes.