Early Child Development

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Enhancing Equitable Access to Quality Early Childhood Development in Sri Lanka

The World Bank has published an article about the Early Childhood Development Project and its...

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COVID-19 relief efforts for ECD Centers in Matale, Puttalam, Kalutara and Rathnapura Districts

COVID-19 relief efforts for ECD Centers in Matale, Puttalam, Kalutara and Rathnapura Districts...

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New Early Childhood Development Center - Monaragala District

With the ease of restrictions in May 2020, the construction industry opened up and with it several new ECD...

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When a child is enrolled in a Pre School it is essential to see that the Pre School has following standards.

An ECD center is expected to meet three compulsory standards* and at least another four out of the remaining prioritized minimum quality standards for ECD centers.


  1. Premise has safety mechanism (i.e. fence/wall) to prevent children from accessing road, river, wells or any other hazards.


  1. Safe structure (permanent roof, paved floor, shelter students from elements, if there is a half wall it should be about 3.5 feet)
  2. Ramp/physical access for disabled children.

Furniture and Equipment:

  1. Desks, Chairs and mats specially built for children
  2. Display space (wall/board etc)
  3. Age appropriate indoor play materials (children’s picture books, puzzles, blocks, music instruments)

Water and Sanitation facilities

  1. Toilets with water (1/15-20 children) COMPULSORY*
  2. Clean drinking water supply COMPULSORY *

Outside play area

  1. Adequate outdoor play equipment (as already approved by the Children’s Secretariat)


10.At least one teacher with professional training per students (at least one year professional training in Preschool education) COMPULSORY *

Ministry of Women and Child Affairs

The World Bank

Children's Secretariat